Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to the Doggie OR

We took Bailey to the vet yesterday to have a few of her tumors checked that were becoming N-A-S-T-Y. Her "bad" ear, once again, is wrought with multiple tumors that have recently ulcerated creating a horrible mess. She also has one on her...um...hiney that just recently ulcerated. We don't have to go into detail on why that is a problem.

So, we were secretly hoping she would get a good enough check-up that Dr. Brantley would be willing to do a surgery to remove those few tumors. Since she has about 40 on her body right now, there is no way to remove them all, so we prioritized them based on how long she can stay under. Her surgery will be today around noon, so please send her happy thoughts during that time. We hate to put her through another surgery, but we know it will help her feel better and prevent some nasty infections.

The good news...she gained weight again. This typically would not be good news since she is technically overweight, but since losing weight is a sign of the cancer spreading, we were happy about it. So was Dr. B. In fact, he saw no symptoms of it spreading systemically. So, at this point, bring on the fattening doggie treats...that's really the main thing that makes her happy!

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