Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday must have just been a more sick Bailey, she is back to her feisty self. Gonna keep an eye on her, but I think she was just trying to get some extra sympathy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad Flashbacks

I'm having flashbacks to early December when Bailey was so sick from her chemo. She is not acting like herself today (aka not accepting treats, moping around) and at one point she got sick. Normally I would shrug this off. Dogs eat random things and get sick. Not a big deal. And, if she starts feeling better tonight/tomorrow, I will shrug it off. But, my vet warned me that the signs of cancer spreading to her organs is vomiting. So...keeping our fingers crossed that this was just a fluke. If she gets sick anymore tonight, we'll be making another trip to the vet tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Millie in the Media

Millie is almost famous! I submitted a photo of her to a contest on a dog shopping blog–barkability[dot]com–which called for photos of your dog's paws. Since we all know Millie is the muddiest of all, I thought they might enjoy some muddy paws, legs, face.... 
The contest is still underway (for a few more minutes tonight at least), but in an effort to promote entries, barkability posted her mug. I am such a proud mom. Check it out and, if you are really quick, you have a few minutes left tonight to send your own photo in. Contest ends at midnight. 

Big thanks to Chris, Barkability and Mackenzie the Golden Retriever. Check out their site and Millie's Muddy mug shot.

Go to barkability[dot]com (you'll have to type it yourself or link to it from My Blog List on the right side of this page).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good Report Card

Last week, it was time to take Millie in for her annual shots, so I brought Bailey along as well to get her checked out too. She hadn't been back to the vet since our last chemo attempt in early December, so I wanted our doc to see how the tumors have progressed (we've lost count...25+). I wasn't sure what he would say, so I was a little anxious. 

He was actually very impressed. He told me he had been dreading a call from us (he loves Bailey and has been taking care of her since she was a pup). He said he was amazed it had not spread to her organs and he is sure that it hasn't because she would be vomiting constantly if it had (she is vomit-free!). He was very glad to see that she is doing just fine given her condition, other than her long cashew toe-nails, which he took care of, and her usual funky ears, which they also took care of. 

Millie also got a good report. He declared her to have to cleanest dog teeth he's ever seen at her age and wanted to know what I was doing. The only thing I can think of is that I allow her to eat and chew and shred as many sticks as she wants (which, by the way, is a lot of sticks). So maybe trees also offer--among the many other benefits--tartar control. Who knew!? Anyway, this is a cost savings bc he said she likely won't need her teeth cleaned for 4 or 5 years. Since teeth cleaning involves anesthesia (aka $$$$), this makes me happy.

He was also impressed with Millie's muscle mass. I took full credit for that with our once-daily (and often twice daily, though admittedly not much in the winter) walks. So, she has a clean bill of health.

Overall, other than the bill at the end, it was a good visit. Hopefully we will not be back soon!