Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flashback to March 1

We had a snow day on March 1. This never happens where I live. Ever. It was Millie's first time seeing snow and she absolutely loved it. Bailey was less interested and found it a little inconvenient. But, we had a really fun day. I think you can tell by these pictures that Millie had the most fun of all!

Bailey on the Mend

Bailey made it through her surgery with no issues and 10 total tumors removed: 4 in her "bad" ear, 4 on her back and 2 on her bum. Yesterday she had all the staples and sutures removed and everything is healing just fine. We've added antibiotics and tagamet to her medicine regimen, so we are back up to lots of pills every day.

Speaking of lots of pills...Bailey also just started holistic meds. My good friend Tracy from high school is a DVM and recommended Teapills for Bailey's cancer. I told her to send them on, talked to my vet about them and now Bailey is taking TWELVE per day (they're based on weight, hence the quantity). This is going to be her dosage for good, unless we encounter any issues. I've only had her on them for two doses so far, but we haven't seen any side effects (which is a good thing since she is soooo side-effect-prone).

My goal, as with the prednisone she takes as maintenance med, is to reduce the growth rate of the tumors, keep them from ulcerating and getting itchy, and giving Bailey a general better quality of life. I know there are no guarantees and that I'm not going to cure her cancer, but if I can make her happier and a little healthier, I've got nothing to lose.

And, since Bailey gets her medicine wrapped in tiny pieces of bread twice daily, Millie is also loving this surge in pills, enjoying her bread "blanks" at medicine time.