Monday, April 6, 2009

Paloma Gets to Come Inside!

This morning, after much coaxing, I was finally able to get Paloma to come inside our house. She was extremely skittish until I laid a large beach towel down like a welcome mat. She then strolled right in. She is doing great so far. She definitely sticks to my side and keeps away from Bailey, who will not stop projecting her "I am the alpha" role onto to Paloma.

I can't get Paloma to eat a treat inside, but we're moving slowly, so we'll get there. Whatever lucky family adopts this sweet girl could definitely make her an inside dog if they chose. She is not going crazy at all. She is actually very chill. When her and Millie go outside, they play like all puppies do, wrestling, running and going crazy. Inside, Paloma is as gentle and calm as she can be. Millie is trying to instigate a play match right now and Paloma isn't sure what she is supposed to do.

I also think Paloma is learning the "sit" command. She's not perfect, but I've been working with her some with and without treats. If she is in a calm state, she does it almost every time. If she is in an excited state, maybe one out of 5 times. Not too bad for me really only working with her for about 3 days. And not even consistently.

Tomorrow will be 7 days since I rescued her. In that entire 7 days, I have not heard her bark yet. I have heard one, single whimper that lasted about 1 second when I was trying to get her to come inside but she was scared to. I think it was her way of telling me to be patient and that she wants to come inside but is a little scared.

Please help me find this sweet girl a home! She deserves a loving family who can keep her forever!

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